Author: Blaine Teller Genre: ,

ISBN: 978-1-62327-432-0
Fully Mooned is a Lesbian, Horror Erotica short story – F/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.

This is a story of true passion and the power of love to conquer all. As the two lovers, Tess and Ashley, finish with their nights session of lovemaking, Tess is pulled away with her sudden realization that it is the night of a full moon. Ashley is perplexed by the constant avoidance during full moons. When pushed for answers, Tess reveals that she is actually a werewolf. Ashley decides to ignore her warnings and begins to enjoy her lover for another time that night when suddenly Tess begins to transform into a large male werewolf.

Instead of attacking her lover, Tess begins to have her way with Ashley. She starts with slow foreplay, and soon Ashley begins to get into the swing of things taking advantage of the wolf’s desires. But then, the wolf takes more than Ashley bargained for. Tess begins to take advantage of all her holes and enjoys every minute till cloud cover turns her back into her human form.


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